Goals for 2016

To help acheive my goals for the next 12 months, I am going to break each goal down in to monthly targets.

TL;DR - Goals for January, 2016

  1. Have lunch or coffee with at least one London based tech entrepreneur.
  2. Have a date night with Renee.
  3. Complete at least 15 headspace guided meditation sessions.
  4. Create my new blog at adrianfletcher.org.
  5. Complete study of four measured skills for the 70-410 MCSA Exam.
  6. Request a correct legal contract for the contracting Project Management work I’m doing.
  7. Complete at least 6 4 HIIT sessions.
  8. Release a public MVP of Procedure.ly.
  9. Write one blog post about the MCSA study process.

Gym and Fitness


As I can have a history ot stress and anxiety, my aim for 2016 is to reduce stress and be able to more easily recognise the hallmarks of stress and react accordingly. This is not an easy goal to break down in to acheivable metrics, but I can try!

Meditate every morning for a least 10 minutes using my new annual subscription to headspace.

Business and Professional

Become more professional in my dealings with others. I have become lazy in professional settings.


Generally, I want to improve my writing and communication skills. I also want to build an audience of others in a similar sitation to myself (working part time, solopreneur the other times).


Keeping more information will allow me to go back and check on how much progress I’m making towards my goals.

I want to continue to work on my releationship with Renee. I have recoginised a level of co-dependence with Renee so I want to improve on that so we can both excel this year. Generally speaking, everyone can usually do better with their relationships, and I’m no different.

And more generally, I want to waste less time on television and other distractions ☺